Thursday, May 17, 2012

Go , Get your Girl

Since i was 15, when i first started to know the love thingy,, i wish i can be a boy....

YES to be a boy.. because

 i hate the phrase ' perigi mencari timba' . i know my place.. n i know im a girl.. so, it's 8&*^#% if i start to make a move... that is why, boys, should be really grateful to become a boy because you do not have to be shy to confess.. it's all depends on your own will.

and if u were rejected, don give a damn... u can always try again later or find another one. maybe.

In contrast dgn girl.. there are few girls who are brave enough to confess to her crush bout how they feel.. and its good for them if the guy is willing to give them a chance but if she was rejected.. life would be like hell for her especially if she needs to confront with the guy after the rejection..

because some guys, would not see the girl as woman anymore, but as annoying ugly little girl who doesn't have mirror in her bathroom.. (kay kidding..kejam sgt tu kn) hee.. tp siyes,, if a girl confess n she were rejected,,, dat guy akn jd sgt perasan.. n pandang rendah je kt girl tu.. ( sorry if i speak in girls context only.. im sure, there are certain hot setapp girls who will do the same )

SOOooo.. i choose to wait n let miracles happen.... #tetibe


My friend, who is a boy said that.. 'boys too wait for someone. But girl's waiting shows while boys hide theirs because of their pride' ( Kapten Airil, 2012)

But, in my opinion.. guys shouldn't experience waiting in the context of trying to win his love.. Because it is the nature of guys to flirt , to start a conversation and to finally start a relationship with a girl.. It's your job to make a move.. not mine ...

My lecturer in matrix once said...

       'mcm mana buruk pun rupa lelaki tu, kalau hari-hari dia bagi karipap dekat awek yang dia suka, lama- lama girl tu akan suka dia balik '

Yes, beliau guna karipap.. n yes.. i am totally agree with her opinion.. Because.. im 500% sure all girls like to be appreciated and love this romantic sweet things... ( i am a girl and i know what a girl wants )

So guysss,,

Guys..please please please to this.. make things happen.. don wait,, u will never know what will happen in the future if you dont grab it now..

nabihah says....if i can speak up loud,, i will shout and let the whole world know that i want to be your friend, n i want to know more about you.. but i cant..because im a girl.. n i will always be...


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