Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bila ego jadi raja


Ni kisah manusia yg xreti salah sendiri..  sebabnya apa.. EGOIST.. n slalunye sifat ni ade kat sape? yes. GUYS. Tuhan dah bg awk 9 akal, boleh x pikir guna kepala, bukan guna kepala lutut !

so here's da story.....

G sent her boyfriend (B) a text, she waited for 10 mins ... 1 hrs... 2hrs... Then she gave up n went online... n guess what ,,,

B is ONline !!! 

But, but.. he didn't even IM her.....  [ can anyone tell me what the he** exactly in dis guy's mind ?? ]

n again, G was so frustrated.

G : u have made me down. again
B : I did ? im sorry.............

But, B updated his status saying that
 ' if semua benda kena report, baik duduk sebilik'

duhhh tipikal guyss...

n again G feels like giving up... but the love makes her stronger , i guess..

Here's the thing...

We, girls...

1. Send u text not because we want to interupt, or be a disturbance in ur life.. but it shows that we care....

2. n dear, would u mind reply at least one text explaining, or telling ur girl ' dont text me now.. im busy, will text u later' , or 'im not in the mood, pls understand,, will text u later' ,, just to let us know that u are still ALIVE.

3. Coz u noe what... because we love you.. n we're afraid of somethng that might happen to u.. Hello,, it doesn't give u a sweat to reply to one text.. FYI.

4. *something to ponder* .. why cant u reply to one text but u can go online instead? err bit weird right? yeah. its weird.

Guys, lower down ur ego..or else..u wont change n u wont have the happily ever after love.. its not a big deal to do somethng for the one u love... She's your love one afterall.. who else can make her happy if it's not u :))

n Girls, there's certain time when ur boyfriend want to be all alone without you..maybe he wants to hangout with his buddies.. BUT, it doesn't mean that u're not in his mind... You always are in his thought.. the last thing a guy can think off before he went to sleep is his love. and that is u.. ( unless guy tu sundal de byk aweks )

Conclusion.... every relationship needs commitment from both ends..Then,  the relationship will runs smoothly.. It needs two to tango by the way

Nabihah says, dont act like you're single if u are not.. or in other words... kalau xnk girlfriend awk amik tau pasal awk, mohon apply jd warga #foreveralone..

with love ,


Airil Azmei(Sky EagLe) said...

cm kenal je cerita ni...hehe...yaa...i do agree on most of what u wrote...

pEacEmaKer said...

thx... hehee... citer cmni ni normal.. ego2 ni byk dlm hubungan

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