Friday, November 30, 2012

destined hearts

Assalamualaikum.. hye.. berhabuk dah blog.. sori.. x de mood sgt nk menulis.. even though hari2 dilalui dengan tambah lemak sahaja.. hihi..

im watching dis movie entitled "destined hearts" which i think is very very interesting. it tells a story about two hearts that was separated during childhood. However, they both love each other very much and they wait for each other for years even though they know nothing about each other's whereabout.

well, of course in this story, they were destined for each other..hero n heroin, what else right..even there are few people that oppose their love and so many obstacles. well what is meant to be is meant to be right. There is this one phrase in the story that catches my heart.

Destiny moves in a mysterious way

every human being have their destined one. it just the moment of when and where u will meet the person dat are solely made for u. Believe it or not, even you have been in love with this one guy for more than 10 years, he might not be the ONE you are destined to be with. 

However, if he is da one.. no matter what obstacle or tsunami dat comes, both of u will find each other somehow because that is you destiny. Destiny moves in a mysterious way. Nobody knows what is their destiny. But that destiny did exist and is fated to be that way since before we were born.

Therefore, never give your love too much to someone who you yourself isn't sure will be by your side for the rest of your life. Selfish? no my dear. it is a precaution for your heart. Remember, once broken considered sold.. Once your heart gets hurt, it may be hard for you to recover. 

lastly, to my dear future, take care and please hurry =)

with love,


Thursday, September 27, 2012

short note to dear you.

Dear Mr.

you and i, we always meet face to face. but we barely see eye to eye. (nabihah, 2012) .


Monday, July 2, 2012

wordless monday

depressed and alone.

Monday, June 4, 2012

ugly betty

i may not be as gorgeous as Jessica Alba, neither as gentle as SNSD Seohyun, nor as sexy as Tata Young, but dear boy, you are not as perfect as prince charming either. (nabihah, 2012)

Monday, May 28, 2012

roses are red my dear

salam.. Hepyy holiday dearieee...

hehe.. finally..away from everything.. away from assignments, exams, lecturers and him.. :')

my MUST-DO things when im home are of course cooking and do the house chores.. n also help my little siblings do their homework..

then my 8 year old sister asked me to help with her english homework..

there's this phrase..which i know is very famous among lovers..

roses are red, 
violets are blue,
sugar is sweet,
and so are you.

n the task is, she need to replace the 'roses' with daisies and rewrite the rhyme.. can they ask a standard 2 students to do such work ?? #i wonder what's on the writers mind when they did the book.

then, i came out with this 

daisies are white,
violets are blue,
i think of you every night,
hoping that you do too ! funny aite ? doesn't suit primary students at all.. 

then i remembered i used to re-rhyme the poem.. 

roses are reds,
violets are blue,
dont be mad,
but i think i love you.

roses are red,
violets are blue,
please dont be mad,
but i'm totally in love with you.

and this one comes from my friend, bet.

roses are red,
violets are blue,
the more you get mad,
the more i'll love you !

add on add on ... thx , bet :))

roses are red
violets are blue
i love u so bad
n that is so true

roses are red 
violets are blue
i will never forget
all the pain u put me through.

this is a total fun ! really :))

wish the best for u today and the next..


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tips diet time holiday

Jangan Ikut your Mum pergi KENDURI !

Happy hols peeps... 


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Harap Bersopan


aritu naik teksi pegi sogo dengan S, then mase kat dalam teksi tu ternampak satu warning..x pnh nmpk before ni dalam mane2 teksi pon.. sumpah kelakar..

haha..comel kan.. dan lawak jugak....

so, saya membuat kesimpulan, bahawa mmg ade la jenis2 orang yang x reti cari bilik lam teksi pn on..

ape nak jadi la budak2 zaman sekarang ni

Tau x pengaruh buruk kat budak2 kecik otak suci kalau diorg nampak sumbang mahram depan mata diorg?

n tolong la.. kalau nk buat dosa pn, jangan la ajak org lain sekali kutip dosa..

x dinafikan sekarang byk kes2 jenayah berat mcm ni... tp kesedaran tu belom muncul kot dalam hati diorg.. marilah kita sama2 doakan supaya terbuka pintu taubat utk diorg2 ni.. al fatihah .. ehh

nasihat seorang kakak :

1. x payah la nak bercumbu-cumbu depan org, awk x dapat pape pn..rugi lg ade la kena cop murahan dgn org yg memandang.

2. n kalau dah nk sgt, cri la tmpt yg xde org nmpk.. public place ni boleh menimbulkn fitnah (if korg suami isteri) , n x bgus kalau org pndg..kite ni org islam.. dosa besar tau..

- sy srh cri tempat xde org bkn sbb bagus korg kiss2 pegang2 tu, tp sbb xnk korg jatuhkn martabat org islam.. if korg nk bt dosa, n lps dibagi nasihat korg still x serik... tu da jd ayt 'lantak lah kubur masing2, lu pikir lah sendiri'

3. *forGirls* Korg rasa worth it ke bg kiss (1st kiss to be exact) dkt guys yg belom tentu nak ambik korg jadi isteri?? ntah2 laki tu x gosok gg pn.. eyuuuuu

4. sebelum buat benda dajal.. pikir mak bapak.. sekian.

btw, x syiookk ar lau teksi je ada tanda warning cam tu.. ittew pn nk jugakk..ehekss


NICEEE. ehehehe

So, nabihah says... save the best for the best.. then u will feel the sweetness of love. <3

till then,

Saturday, May 19, 2012

to someone i used to set my eyes on

I know u have dis 'hot tempered' problem, A.. so, here's two quotes i dedicated specially for u

i hope someday, dis picture i made, reach u..  i dont know any other way to deliver this to u coz we dont actually speak in person.. n im a bit afraid to even leave a comment in ur blog..


i wish i can be there to soothe you when your temper comes.

with love ,

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Go , Get your Girl

Since i was 15, when i first started to know the love thingy,, i wish i can be a boy....

YES to be a boy.. because

 i hate the phrase ' perigi mencari timba' . i know my place.. n i know im a girl.. so, it's 8&*^#% if i start to make a move... that is why, boys, should be really grateful to become a boy because you do not have to be shy to confess.. it's all depends on your own will.

and if u were rejected, don give a damn... u can always try again later or find another one. maybe.

In contrast dgn girl.. there are few girls who are brave enough to confess to her crush bout how they feel.. and its good for them if the guy is willing to give them a chance but if she was rejected.. life would be like hell for her especially if she needs to confront with the guy after the rejection..

because some guys, would not see the girl as woman anymore, but as annoying ugly little girl who doesn't have mirror in her bathroom.. (kay kidding..kejam sgt tu kn) hee.. tp siyes,, if a girl confess n she were rejected,,, dat guy akn jd sgt perasan.. n pandang rendah je kt girl tu.. ( sorry if i speak in girls context only.. im sure, there are certain hot setapp girls who will do the same )

SOOooo.. i choose to wait n let miracles happen.... #tetibe


My friend, who is a boy said that.. 'boys too wait for someone. But girl's waiting shows while boys hide theirs because of their pride' ( Kapten Airil, 2012)

But, in my opinion.. guys shouldn't experience waiting in the context of trying to win his love.. Because it is the nature of guys to flirt , to start a conversation and to finally start a relationship with a girl.. It's your job to make a move.. not mine ...

My lecturer in matrix once said...

       'mcm mana buruk pun rupa lelaki tu, kalau hari-hari dia bagi karipap dekat awek yang dia suka, lama- lama girl tu akan suka dia balik '

Yes, beliau guna karipap.. n yes.. i am totally agree with her opinion.. Because.. im 500% sure all girls like to be appreciated and love this romantic sweet things... ( i am a girl and i know what a girl wants )

So guysss,,

Guys..please please please to this.. make things happen.. don wait,, u will never know what will happen in the future if you dont grab it now..

nabihah says....if i can speak up loud,, i will shout and let the whole world know that i want to be your friend, n i want to know more about you.. but i cant..because im a girl.. n i will always be...


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bila ego jadi raja


Ni kisah manusia yg xreti salah sendiri..  sebabnya apa.. EGOIST.. n slalunye sifat ni ade kat sape? yes. GUYS. Tuhan dah bg awk 9 akal, boleh x pikir guna kepala, bukan guna kepala lutut !

so here's da story.....

G sent her boyfriend (B) a text, she waited for 10 mins ... 1 hrs... 2hrs... Then she gave up n went online... n guess what ,,,

B is ONline !!! 

But, but.. he didn't even IM her.....  [ can anyone tell me what the he** exactly in dis guy's mind ?? ]

n again, G was so frustrated.

G : u have made me down. again
B : I did ? im sorry.............

But, B updated his status saying that
 ' if semua benda kena report, baik duduk sebilik'

duhhh tipikal guyss...

n again G feels like giving up... but the love makes her stronger , i guess..

Here's the thing...

We, girls...

1. Send u text not because we want to interupt, or be a disturbance in ur life.. but it shows that we care....

2. n dear, would u mind reply at least one text explaining, or telling ur girl ' dont text me now.. im busy, will text u later' , or 'im not in the mood, pls understand,, will text u later' ,, just to let us know that u are still ALIVE.

3. Coz u noe what... because we love you.. n we're afraid of somethng that might happen to u.. Hello,, it doesn't give u a sweat to reply to one text.. FYI.

4. *something to ponder* .. why cant u reply to one text but u can go online instead? err bit weird right? yeah. its weird.

Guys, lower down ur ego..or else..u wont change n u wont have the happily ever after love.. its not a big deal to do somethng for the one u love... She's your love one afterall.. who else can make her happy if it's not u :))

n Girls, there's certain time when ur boyfriend want to be all alone without you..maybe he wants to hangout with his buddies.. BUT, it doesn't mean that u're not in his mind... You always are in his thought.. the last thing a guy can think off before he went to sleep is his love. and that is u.. ( unless guy tu sundal de byk aweks )

Conclusion.... every relationship needs commitment from both ends..Then,  the relationship will runs smoothly.. It needs two to tango by the way

Nabihah says, dont act like you're single if u are not.. or in other words... kalau xnk girlfriend awk amik tau pasal awk, mohon apply jd warga #foreveralone..

with love ,

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

because im so stupid, i see nobody but u

for u A, missing u.. but i cant even mention ur name.. hv promised myself not to..

wish this misery fly very quickly...


Monday, May 14, 2012

goodbye mr. A


Ever heard of this quotation

' if the cover doesn't attract you, why bother reading? '

it's more or less about somebody who looks at outer appearance instead of inner self when looking for love. These days, u can hardly find a guy (in my context) whom actually are willing to be friend with u regardless how u look and ur physical.

i didn't wish to be someone special in your heart but i would be very glad if i can be somebody in your life. Maybe a friend.

nabihah says , you cant choose who u want to love, but u can choose whether to leave or to stay... n i prefer the first one..........

mood : broken hearted...

heart, get well soon.

till then ,

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