Wednesday, July 24, 2013

beauty fade my dear

they say, good attitude comes first. good look is a bonus.

but without u realize, the saying goes otherwise.

because what catches the eyes, attracts the heart.

meaning :

when the eyes saw something nice,
your brain will say, "ohh she's beautiful. i want to know her"
then only, your body will react. this is where flirtation occurs.
during the 'kenal-hati-budi' process.. this is when attitude is observed.
stay or leave, depends on the attitude of the beauty, your eyes behold.

if the attitude is okay.. then you'll stay.
if the attitude is not okay.. bye bye you go.

BUT .. sometimes..

the good attitude comes after good look phase happen when you have no intention of having any intimacy or special relationship with the not-so-good-look girl..

but you both become friend. you talk, you hangout together, you see each other most of the time.. that's when you realize, she's not that bad.. her attitude makes her beautiful.

n because you see her everyday, she has become the angel to your eyes.
(it's called psychology between your eyes and your brain)


when i was in form 2, i joined my school choral speaking team. the script was entitled "beauty". there is this one paragraph i like, but i can't recall the exact phase.

let's say, the first girl, has very little knowledge about the world, and knows nothing about leadership but she has a very sexy figure like angelina jolie.

while the second girl is as ugly as ugly betty but she can do things really well.. who do you think donald trump will hire?


so, who will you choose, neelofa or enot?

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