Friday, November 30, 2012

destined hearts

Assalamualaikum.. hye.. berhabuk dah blog.. sori.. x de mood sgt nk menulis.. even though hari2 dilalui dengan tambah lemak sahaja.. hihi..

im watching dis movie entitled "destined hearts" which i think is very very interesting. it tells a story about two hearts that was separated during childhood. However, they both love each other very much and they wait for each other for years even though they know nothing about each other's whereabout.

well, of course in this story, they were destined for each other..hero n heroin, what else right..even there are few people that oppose their love and so many obstacles. well what is meant to be is meant to be right. There is this one phrase in the story that catches my heart.

Destiny moves in a mysterious way

every human being have their destined one. it just the moment of when and where u will meet the person dat are solely made for u. Believe it or not, even you have been in love with this one guy for more than 10 years, he might not be the ONE you are destined to be with. 

However, if he is da one.. no matter what obstacle or tsunami dat comes, both of u will find each other somehow because that is you destiny. Destiny moves in a mysterious way. Nobody knows what is their destiny. But that destiny did exist and is fated to be that way since before we were born.

Therefore, never give your love too much to someone who you yourself isn't sure will be by your side for the rest of your life. Selfish? no my dear. it is a precaution for your heart. Remember, once broken considered sold.. Once your heart gets hurt, it may be hard for you to recover. 

lastly, to my dear future, take care and please hurry =)

with love,


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