Tuesday, August 9, 2011

why an ex should remain an ex .

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Hey.. Know why an Ex boyfriend/Ex girlfriend is called an EX ??

Because they will be a
n EXAMPLE for us to start a new chapter in our life !!

why wait and suffer if you can enjoy the love again ??
yes. maybe im just saying this bluntly. and you may say ' its easy to talk, but its hard to do'

But have you ever try at least??

Everyone have their own ' someone ' .. so dont worry much . you will get one for you pretty soon. :)

Someone who dumped you because of your weaknesses , doesn't deserve you at all.


Because he's looking for perfection. not for true love.
Because he's stupid enough to let you go.

Never hope for your EX again.

ni satu famous quotes

if you love somebody too deeply,
Set him free..
If he comes back to you
He's yours forever to hold
If he doesn't come back
He never meant to be yours at all

im pretty sure all of you know this quote kn. this quote is only for broken-hearted people so that they will have a reason to wait for that somebody.

in other words, im saying that this quote is useless

If someone ditch you, cry. let go all of the suffer. BUT cry only once. it makes you weaker if you keep on crying. n worst if you cry in front of him begging him to come back. wadehel is dat. mind my words

Dont wait for your EX. never hope to be together again. once you let go, then off you go.

a fren of mine once said, (i dont know if it is originally hers or she quotes dis somewhere) , 'why do you want to keep reading the same book over and over again if you already know the ending? '

quite harsh isn't it. but that's how life goes, kids.

go get life my dear. you know you deserve to be happy. :)

nabihah kata ; Find someone who loves you because of who you are instead of what you did. because things that you do, might change over time.

till then,


diArY said...

really need this right now.made me feel so much better.f**k him i deserve better! =) xoxo

pEacEmaKer said...

tie...wat happend? tot korg da baek? huhu..i noe..u deserve better... i love u dear :)

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