Wednesday, July 21, 2010

eclipse oOo eclipse

Eclipse Poem

I am being cut in half
Just wish that I could still laugh
Why is this happening to me?
They’re wasting their lives for me

I only have my life to give
So he would never ever leave
But a part of me’s still missing
And I don’t know what’s this feeling

Will I ever get to choose?
Or will I just die and lose?
It tortures me just to think
That I don’t even what to blink

I realized I love him, too
But it’s not enough to be true
I hope he’ll get better again
So someday I’ll be called his friend

Why can’t I avoid these heartbreaks?
This is something selfishness makes
I don’t want to hurt anyone
But I won’t bear it if they’re gone

It is too much for one person
Wanting is not a good reason
I couldn’t force both sides of me
‘Cause I could only set one free

I know who I can’t live without
And I know it without a doubt
I have chosen eternity
The past’s behind, I’m breaking free

~~ ok..two weeks hv past..but i hvn't seen ECLIPSE yet..altough i'm in da center of malaysia which hv numbers of cinema..OMG !! i miss my dearest edward cullen

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